About Dr. Mario Luca Russo, MD, MSc

"DR MARIO LUCA RUSSO is widely recognised as a leading authority on premature skin ageing and rejuvenation procedures."

Dr Russo


Dr Russo
Dr Mario Luca Russo

Before your treatment

Plan your treatment well ahead, avoiding any important events, holidays and exercise classes.

Please read the information on this site regarding your treatment and let us know of any medical conditions in advance. Sometimes it can be useful to send us photos before your appointment so we can assess and advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

The best way to view appointment availability and book your slot is via the online scheduler on this website. You will need to register first then you can see all availability and select a appointment that is convenient for you. If you experience problems with, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Alternatively call us on 0800 0096 596.

We always prefer that you think about your options properly before committing to any treatment, however, we do recognise that many people have spent years "thinking" about their area of concern, and have often travelled long distances to visit us. We are happy to provide nonsurgical treatments on the day.
Please do get in touch with us prior to your appointment so we can provide you with as much information as you need and can then come to your appointment well-informed and ready.

At your appointment

When you arrive, you will be greeted by our clinic staff and asked to complete our patient information form. You will then be seen by Dr Mario Luca Russo for a consultation to run through your concerns and your treatment options. Photographs are always taken before and after treatment. These photos are not shared unless agrred with you. After your treatment, you will receive all the necessary aftercare advice.

Payment is taken on the day prior your treatment. We accept all major debit and credit cards and cash payments, except Amex.

Each treatment and all patients are unique and the treatment is always personalised. This means that treatment times can vary. On average, appointments last around 45 – 60 minutes, which includes consultation, treatment and aftercare. Ocassionally, appointments do overrun. We will never rush a treatment, so we do apologise in advance if we do run late sometimes. We respect your time and value your trust, but patient safety is always our foremost consideration.

Non-surgical treatments are remarkably safe and relatively painless to undergo.

We use extremely fine needles and special techniques that minimise any pain. The products we use most of the time contain anaesthetic. Overall, pain rating from popular treatments such as the 3-point rhino and lip enhancements are around 2/10 according to our patient experience.

All treatments carry some risks.

However, we have selected the best products and we use very specialised techniques to make sure that these risks are at an absolute minimum. Furthermore, we only operate in properly equipped medical facilities, so you can be assured that we can handle professionally any complication.

After your appointment

After non-surgical treatment, we ask that you avoid make-up or other skin applications for at least 24 hours. We also ask that you refrain from exercise and avoid hot showers, steam rooms and sun beds. Massage of the area is sometimes recommended and you will be given details of this after your treatment.

A follow-up appointment is available for you after 2-4 weeks from treatment. You are not obliged to attend. On average, we find that around 15% of our patients return for a review appointment. We do like to stay in contact with our patients so we provide you with contact details should you wish to contact us after treatment.


At The Clinic & Medispa we believe in offering patients a complete, transparent and clear picture of costs when choosing their treatment. In line with GMC guidelines of good medical practice, we do not offer discounts, incentives or 'packages'.

Our fees vary and reflect practitioner experience, treatment complexity and clinic location.

Check our full fee structure below. If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

Please check our Terms and conditions before you book.